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e-Kiosk S.A.
ul. Prosta 51
00-838 Warszawa
Sąd Rejonowy dla M. Warszawa w Warszawie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
KRS 0000304553
NIP 895-182-75-13, REGON 933049202
kapitał zakładowy: 1 809 000 zł

Numer konta bankowego: 55 1050 1025 1000 0090 3103 1421

Customer Support

Jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach 8:00-17:00.

fax/phone no. +48 22 212 87 80/+48 22 379 16 88 oraz +48 22 463 03 76

Purchasing digital press

It takes only a minute!

Find a title you are interested in. You can use the search bar located at the top. Choose how many copies you want and add them to your shopping cart.

You will be presented with contents of your cart from where you can either pay for your order or continue browsing.

To complete your puchase you will need to be logged in. If you are a new user you will be asked to sign up. After the sign up process is complete you will be transferred to the payment area where you can choose from a variety of payment methods ranging from debt card payments to simple bank transfers.

Immediately after registering your payment the order will be enabled for use.

Reading digital press

To read your digital press you have to download our free reader (link below).

eGazety Reader allows you to download your purchases, manage an archive, search for text phrases inside those magazines and much more.

Placing another order

Log in, or if you cannot remember your password, use the following page to reset your password:

Then just find a magazine you are interested in (you can use the search bar at the top of this page), select desired number of copies and add them to your cart. Proceed with payment.

Immediately after registering your payment the order will be enabled for usage.

How to speed up purchasing process

If you want your purchase to be activated immediately after paying please choose the direct payment method (ePrzelew).

If you have chosen a standard bank transfer and you want to speed up the process please send us the bank receit by either e-mail or fax.

Digital press on your iPad

You can read all digital editions purchased from our site on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

It is quite easy. Just look here.

Just order any magazine. Download and install our free application from the App Store. Our application will download your orders and

... you can read them anytime, anywhere on- and off-line

More info can be obtained on the FAQ page.