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eGazety – the future of press

The experience of recent years shows that the market of press publications is constantly changing. Nowadays it is very important for companies to be able to adapt to every change happening on the market. How to keep the competitve position of printed press? What to do to make an Internet and other electronic media an ally not an enemy?

Digital newspapers and magazines are now an official part of Polish press market. It’s very easy for publishers to become a part of this digital revolution. Your newspapers and magazines may be easy accessible by readers from all over the world in technologically advanced form. We invite all publishers to cooperation.

eGazety - newspapers in digital reality

For the last 5 years we were bringing to live collaboration with many press publishers. At the same time we’ve went digital with over 350 titles. Thanks to the biggest professional experience on the market, systematic development in the area of IT and sales (to individual and corporate clients) and marketing we offer publishers a diversified cooperation :

  • Production (customization and optimalization of the files from the publisher)
  • Sales (the biggest online store with digital newspapers and magazines in Poland; the highest distribution of e-magazines amongst corporate clients)
  • Marketing (common promotional campaigns)
  • Consultancy (we offer individual paths of launching new titles to each publisher)

Solutions for all Publishers

eGazety Reader

Thanks to our freeware application, the readers can read magazines and newspapers sold on website. We do carry over 350 titles. Digital issues are available for download before the paper issues reach kiosks. They also may have additional multimedia functions.

eGazety WebReader

This offer is addressed to the Publishers who want to use the potential of their own web services and would like to launch their titles on-line, directly from their own web pages. Thanks to the innovative web-based application, your readers will get the possibility to read their favorite magazines or newspapers at any time or any place with the Internet connection. The additional functionality is speech synthesizer (IVONA), so the readers may listen instead of read.

eGazety Reader for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

The only Polish application, delivering the possibility of reading Polish press on Apple mobile devices. In case of joining, your titles will be automatically available on those platforms. In addition to that we are able to prepare dedicated applications (with selected titles) with Publisher or title logo.

Our collaborators

Agora, Axel Springer Polska, Bonnier Business Polska, Gruner+Jahr, Media Regionalne, Platforma Mediowa Point Group., SP Polityka, Polskapresse, Presspublica and many others.

Dont’s hesitate to contact us

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the possibility of cooperation. Feel free to fill out this short form and we will come back to you as soon as possible. You can also pick other form of contact with

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Agnieszka Łubianka

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